Classic fairy tale meets alien abduction in this second riveting installment in the Beauty and Her Alien series…

It’s all very well to make out with an alien prince. A few kisses should be harmless—right?

Yet that alien prince is the only male present on the spaceship that serves as Corinne Kaminski’s gilded prison. Faced with a thorny status quo, Corinne begrudgingly keeps plotting her escape, despite her growing feelings for Del.

Complicating matters even more is the sudden, grand entrance of Del’s sisters onto the ship. The two cunning princesses would be most unhappy to learn that their brother, heir to the throne of Ailopt, has his eye on a human girl from Montana—and that said human girl returns his affection.

Then a chance at freedom becomes tantalizingly close, just when things are heating up behind closed doors. Corinne will have to decide what’s more important: returning home for good or taking a chance on cosmic love?

With one-of-a-kind characters, captivating intrigue, and aching desire, this next book in the Beauty and Her Alien series will enchant any fan of sci-fi romance.

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