New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

There’s something about the Twilight series that is such a comfy read–I chalk it up to the incredibly close first POV, plus the relatively small cast of characters and Pacific Northwest setting. Is the writing great? No. Are a lot of the character actions and motivations ridiculous? Yeah. But you know what? It’s an entertaining series that’s just perfect for those times when you need a palate cleanse.

I’m totally on Team Jacob, by the way, which I find hilarious because I avoided this book for so long because I knew it would be the one with the teen werewolf. But Jacob is just genuinely a good guy–especially when compared with Edward’s behavior towards Bella at the end of the book, which essentially amounted to, “I lied to you, and I’ll admit I’m a good liar, but how could you have been so stupid to believe me?!” I know it’s a total meme to discuss Edward’s behavior towards Bella as abusive and creepy due to the age gap, but I do see this now, and it took away from my happiness that they were finally back together.

So here’s hoping that Jacob does find somebody worth his while in the romance department. I haven’t seen the third or fourth movies, and this is my first time reading through the series, so I honestly have no idea how it will turn out.

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