Chapter Eight of The Gold in the Dark and a Writing Update!

The eighth chapter of The Gold in the Dark drops today! If you need to catch up on past chapters, no problem, since you can do that right here. New chapters post every other Sunday at 11 AM EST. (And sometimes a little earlier, like this week!) Each chapter is also accompanied by a beautiful, custom illustration.

The writing theme for the past two weeks has continued to be laying all the social media groundwork for the launch of Specter. Prepping Instagram posts until my eyes start to bleed, etc etc. All the behind-the-scenes stuff that will be unearthed sooner rather than later.

And I’m not even going to talk about the cover at this point… just know that it’s coming. As always. Lol.

But what I do want to talk about is that I’M DRAFTING AGAIN, AND IT FEELS AMAZING!!!! I switched away from the hell school book to the Beauty and the Beast and Aliens book, just because it felt right. This book is older… more new adult… more stream of consciousness than I’m used to. But it just feels right to be writing this one; even though I love the hell school idea to pieces, it was just slow going, so I think I need to table it for the meantime. That’s okay, since I can always revisit it later. I just want to harness this energy to draft, since that can be so rare for me.

Reading back over this post, I think maybe it’s also got that stream of consciousness feel. Ah well, that’s just where I’m at right now. Best to leave things here, perhaps. Have a good rest of your weekend, and enjoy Chapter Eight.

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