Chapter Twenty-Nine of The Gold in the Dark and a Writing Update!

Illustration courtesy of Ally Grosvenor.

The twenty-ninth chapter of The Gold in the Dark is out! New chapters, complete with brilliant chapter illustrations courtesy of Ally Grosvenor, release every other Sunday at 11 AM EST (and many times earlier)! You can get started on the series with Chapter One right here or on Wattpad.

I’m happy to report that I’m finally feeling better and my mojo is coming back! I’ve been in a serious funk lately, in terms of all sorts of aspects of my life: health-wise, reading-wise, writing-wise, and spirit-wise. Blerghhh–but things are on the up swing, and I’m finally making progress with my Beauty and the Beast and Aliens WIP! So much of writing is a mental game; I used to think topics like mindset were boring, but now I do pay attention to things like that, since I’ve noticed that my own well-being has such a profound impact on my productivity.

There is no question that I’m behind on my personal schedule of where I want my current WIP to be. I’d been hoping when I was planning my project timeline to be done with my first draft at the beginning of February and starting revisions mid-March. Now I’m hopeful to be done with my first draft by the end of March and starting revisions by mid-April. Yup–that’s how much my funk has set me back. Anyway, I’m not overly disheartened by the setback, since I still think a publish date of early July will be pretty easy to meet. I came up with that publish date, by the way, because I want to get on a one to two book a year schedule, and Specter released July 7th. I’ll be mega-proud if I can meet that goal, and maybe then I’ll push my next book release date up a little–perhaps April or May 2021.

All right, enough about me and my goals. Have a great rest of your weekend, and enjoy Chapter Twenty-Nine.

2 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty-Nine of The Gold in the Dark and a Writing Update!

  1. Comments are closed on your post about Good Girls so I’m leaving one here.

    Horror is not my jam, but Southeast Asia once was.

    (And you are right … I was never super comfortable with horror involving kids & babies, but since having kids of my own, I can’t take it!)

    Anyway. May I recommend the film Buffalo Boys. It’s about two Javanese brothers who, after being raised in America as cowboys, return to Indonesia to help fight against the Dutch colonialist oppressors. I don’t know if you’d call it horror, but there’s plenty of violence.

    Tony Hillerman’s books are usually set in New Mexico, but Finding Moon follows a man whose nickname is Moon as he goes to Vietnam (and, eventually, Cambodia) to rescue his dead brother’s toddler daughter, just as the Viet Cong and the Khmer Rouge are taking over.

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