Specter Debuts Today!

I can hardly believe I just typed that title—"Specter debuts today." It's been a surreal journey from the start of this book to the end, and I mean that word—journey—in the most real way. At the start of it all, Specter was a concept that had been rattling around in my head for a while,… Continue reading Specter Debuts Today!

Missing Persons Report: Melissa White

Full Name: Melissa Mary WhiteDate of Birth: February 2, 1969Place of Birth: Lanster, New HampshireMissing Since: September 22, 1985. (Sixteen years old)Height: 5’4” (At time of disappearance)Weight: 115 pounds (At time of disappearance)Race: CaucasianHair: BlondScars and Marks: Freckles; ears pierced; navel piercedClothes and Jewelry: Unknown If you have any information concerning this case, please contact… Continue reading Missing Persons Report: Melissa White

Who Killed Melissa White?

The school picture flipped to another photo—Melissa standing by a beach dressed in a pristine white bikini. There was a grainy silver glint at her belly button—her piercing. She was half-smiling, half-smirking at the camera, though her eyes were hard and shuttered. She was a knock-out, but a sad aura hovered around her, like some… Continue reading Who Killed Melissa White?

Who Killed Melissa White?

Her face was inches from my own, close enough to see the smattering of navy freckles on her cheeks. My throat clenched to scream, but the air in my windpipe felt frozen, like it had solidified into a chunk of ice. Something about looking at her was making my head hurt, like patches of her… Continue reading Who Killed Melissa White?

Who Killed Melissa White?

It—she—had none of the silvery translucence from the stories. In fact, she wasn’t see-through at all, her figure cast in slow-moving blue shadows, like the sun making mottled patterns on the seafloor. There was a ghost in my room—a ghost my age, her hair a big mess of feathery curls straight out of an eighties… Continue reading Who Killed Melissa White?

Tell Me Everything by Sarah Enni

I've been a loyal listener of Sarah Enni's First Draft podcast since 2014, so I was psyched to pick up a copy of her debut novel. Tell Me Everything follows Ivy, a sophomore photography nerd who's been struggling with growing distance between her and her BFF Harold. To take her mind off her absent, over-scheduled… Continue reading Tell Me Everything by Sarah Enni

DEBUT: Chapter One of The Gold in the Dark

Guys, the first chapter of my debut novel, The Gold in the Dark, drops today! Right now! Read it while it's hot! Can you tell I'm excited? This baby's been gathering dust on Dropbox for years, giving me sad puppy dog eyes. And finally, finally I get to drag it out into the light, dust… Continue reading DEBUT: Chapter One of The Gold in the Dark